The FOCUS Graduate Forum is the newest addition to the FMF website.  This forum and the subsequent pages is private and only accessible to the FOCUS family of graduates, NMCRS nurses, and greenshirts. There are three main functions within the FOCUS Graduate Forum….

In Memory Of… this page is a place of reverence to remember our fallen brethren. Share their lives. Share their stories. Insure that they live on not only in your memory, but in the memories of others.  Read some of the stories that we’ve ported over from our original FOCUS Forum to enjoy the lives of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Feel free to include pictures and other media to help tell your “In Memory Of” stories.

Sound Off – this page is an FMF blog just for our FOCUS family.  Let us know what’s on your mind. No one outside the FOCUS family will ever see your thoughts.

Webinar Archives – on this page we will have archive links to a growing library of FOCUS webinars.  Webinars are just another tool to help stay in touch with our FOCUS graduates and provide on-going mentoring support for all of you going forward.

In the right sidebar, you will see a short “Tutorial” to help guide you through making your posts.  Posting entries into the “In Memory Of” page and “Sound Off” page is intuitive and easy to master quickly.  However, posts do not appear live on the site until the web administrator approves them.