Moose Den

November 10th By David McArthur, USMC Before September of 2008 I only celebrated one birthday a year that really meant a lot to me. And that was my own. I went to boot camp from September through November. Even then, while eating the cheap steak dinner at MCRD San Diego; I had no idea what […]

Eric Calley – FOCUS 6/12

I became a Marine in 2002. Like many others, I enlisted in the Marine Corps after the World Trade Center fell on Sept.11, 2001. After boot camp and infantry training, I joined the Third Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion in October of 2002, and was assigned TAD with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. My first deployment […]

Jamie Havig – FOCUS 3/12

There are plenty of influences that helped me make the decision to join the military. First, my father and grandfather both served in the military. Second, after high school I still couldn’t find my place in life and had no idea what I wanted to become. I came from a broken family. I was raised […]


Visiting Nurses

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has a Combat Casualty Assistance (CCA) Visiting Nurse Program which offers non-judgmental, face-to-face contact working specifically with combat Marines, Sailors, and their families. They assist our combat veterans with recovery from physical wounds, as well as the non-physical scars of combat – PTSD and TBI. The CCA VisitingNurses have been a critical part of the FOCUS program since March, 2012. […]