If you or someone you care about is struggling with the transition from military life to civilian life, you are not alone and there is help! Many men and women who have left the military are experiencing the same problems, like:

  • ANXIETY: Quick to anger. The smallest things can trigger anger
  • DEPRESSION: Lacks motivation, focus and purpose. Not working or attending school
  • ADDICTION: Addicted to drugs, alcohol, porn or video gaming
  • INSOMNIA: Poor or erratic sleep. Little or no sleep at night and little sleep during the day
  • ISOLATION: Avoids public places, friends and family
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Problems with family, friends and coworker relationships
  • NEGATIVITY: Most things have a negative meaning, the glass is always half empty
  • SELF-DOUBT: Lacks self-confidence and has lost pride and self-respect

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Who Are We?

2010: Founded by a group of Marines who were determined to make a difference in the lives of their brothers and sisters. Over 800 have attended, ranging in age from Age 21 – 67, in rank Private (E-1) to Colonel (O-6), from every state in the union. They came to FOCUS because they were tired of being held back by the issues above.

How Do We Help?

At a farm near St. Louis, MO, you will be surrounded by nature’s quiet beauty. During that week, you will be taught how to use different tools that will help minimize or eliminate those issues holding you back.

What Does It Cost?

All costs are paid by the FOCUS Marines Foundation: Transportation, Room, Meals & Materials.

How Do You Apply?

Fill out the application. You will be contacted within a week.


The FOCUS program is only offered 4 times a year with a max. of 30 per class; space is limited.

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Your experience at FOCUS will last a lifetime!

FOCUS Marines Foundation | 314-243-4140 | help@focusmarines.org