The impact of the FOCUS Program is best described by our Graduates. Everyone’s experience is different but, as the following stories show, each experience is life-changing.


FOCUS Graduate: February 2023 
Morrisville, PA
USMC 1984-2008

“Thank you to all who make this happen.  You are on to something that works for Marines and like-minded people.  We trust, respect, and feel safe with each other, and that is the environment to be in, in order to learn and move forward.  Now that I have benefited from FOCUS, I want to see it grow and adapt to continue to promote healing among my fellow Marines and veterans.  Thank you again for giving me and others this opportunity. “


FOCUS Graduate: September 2016
Oceanside, CA
USMC 1996-2015

“The FOCUS foundation is one of the top ten ‘life events’ that significantly contributed to where I am today as a civilian. I thank you for the transition assistance, vote of confidence, and demonstrating HOPE for our veterans. Semper Fidelis, warriors of the sea.”


FOCUS Graduate: May 2022
Brandon, FL
USN Corpsman (FMF) Sep 09 – Feb 16

When I was medically retired from the military, I lost my sense of identity and purpose. Full of anxiety, depression, and no sense of belonging, feeling lost in the world I wandered around for 6 years wrecking marriages and my own life. Then, I finally gave in and attended FOCUS. It changed my life 100 percent. The program at FOCUS and the Marines that make it what it is showed me how to pave a new path, find a new purpose, and gave me the tools and community to deal with life’s challenges. The FOCUS family loves and cares for its Marines and Corpsmen. I will be forever grateful to The FOCUS Marines Foundation for helping me get my life back on track and helping me find happiness in my new purpose. God Bless The FOCUS Marines Foundation and God Bless the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi!


FOCUS Graduate: May 2023
Livingston, MT
USMC 2000-2004

“I am so impressed with this place.  Really! FOCUS has given me the tools and, more importantly, the courage to state that I need help. After this exhausting battle, I am making the choice to begin accepting the help that I need and deserve.  My mental health is the top priority, and now that I’m strong enough to accept that, I believe that everything in life will fall into place with a lot of hard work.”


FOCUS Class: March, 2015
Lake City, FL
USMC 2003-2006

“FOCUS helped me to realize that I am not the only Marine who has come back into society with a little baggage on their shoulders. The first time I ever heard about FOCUS I envisioned a shotgun cabin and classes held under a tent. Our imaginations are able to fool us; and so mine when I finally made it to FOCUS three years later. The staff and numerous resources were astronomically impressive. It all turned out to be a rewarding experience.

…. FOCUS lets a Marine know they’re not alone, they’re apart of a legacy, and people really really care about them. It is my deepest wish that in the end of a number of attendants to FOCUS will be equal to that of an entire Division.