FOCUS Class: March, 2015
Beaufort, SC
USMC 2008-2015

“FOCUS has motivated me to live! I feel purpose and a true sense of friendship with my fellow warriors. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be among the best men and women of our corps, past and present.”

FOCUS Class: March, 2015
Lake City, FL
USMC 2003-2006


“FOCUS helped me to realize that I am not the only Marine who has come back into society with a little baggage on their shoulders. The first time I ever heard about FOCUS I envisioned a shotgun cabin and classes held under a tent. Our imaginations are able to fool us; and so mine when I finally made it to FOCUS three years later. The staff and numerous resources were astronomically impressive. It all turned out to be a rewarding experience.

…. FOCUS lets a Marine know they’re not alone, they’re apart of a legacy, and people really really care about them. It is my deepest wish that in the end of a number of attendants to FOCUS will be equal to that of an entire Division.

Schneider, Travis [14-12]Travis
FOCUS Class: December, 2014
Vista, CA
USN 1999-2012

“To say something about focus, its hard to talk about something new in my life. All the personnel on board focus were all were outstanding and very understanding. The very important thing I took from focus was to redirect my thinking pattern towards people around me. That has impact my life very much. Sometimes you just have to hear the truth about yourself before you can change. I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to attend this program.”

FOCUS Class: June, 2014
Pensacola, FL
USNC 2004-2011

“I have a very long way to go, but have made some much needed improvements. What you guys do there is a service that is in many ways a miracle to someone like me. I was very lost, and estranged from my friends and family. In fact it was over a year since my last communication with them. I decided to go see them back in October, and it went very well. So thank you for all that you guys do. I just wish more people would make the step, and go there.”

FOCUS Class: December, 2014
Tooele, UT
USN/USMC 1992-2011

“… FOCUS changed my entire life! I have finally found the new Mike that I can live with and so can society. I have used the tools they gave me to overcome so many bad things already just shortly after completion of the program.I now have a new family that supports me in anything I do and they are always there when I need someone. We will never be the same person after combat but we can find a new person within ourselves to be better than we were before. FOCUS has given me that and for that I am forever in their debt, a debt that I will spend the rest of my life to try to repay!Thank you FOCUS for giving me my life back and my wife and family their husband, father, brother and grandfather. My family is also in your debt for this.”

FOCUS Class: September, 2014
Wyoming, MI
USMC 2001-2005

“I have completed my smart goals and I am working on my second set of smart goals that I set for myself. My experience at focus was awesome, it has helped me so put things into perspective and give me the motivation to move forward with my life after the marine corp. I know that I am not alone and if I ever have a bad day, week or month I know that I am not alone and have plenty of support. Thank you!”

FOCUS Class: September, 2014
Necedah, WI
USA/USMC 1999-2013

“I really enjoyed it, great program. Pointed me in the right direction and got me back on track. I still don’t go far from the house or to many public places. But I definitely am way better off and not so angry since I left. I can’t thank y’all enough for the support and help yall gave to me and my family.”

FOCUS Class: September, 2013
Tucson, AZ
USMC 2002-2006

“Focus was one of the best things that has happened yo me in a long time. I’d like to get more involved once I get a few more of my goals accomplished. I will most definitely be in touch and thanks for everything. I appreciate it more than you know.”

FOCUS Class: December, 2013
Goose Creek, SC
USMC 1986-2013

“… I boast to my therapists about the huge impact FOCUS has had on my recovery. One of my biggest accomplishments in life was returning as a Graduate Mentor. I think I made a difference with everyone, just by being able to relate their experiences on a personal level. In turn, I feel the pride of being a leader again and having a “sense of purpose”. None of this would be possible without personally stepping out of the “comfort zone”. It’s part of the program’s formula to success. Above all, it’s the people that make the difference. The one common factor IS,,,, everyone involved passionately cares.”

FOCUS Class: December, 2013
Deltona, FL
USMC 2001-2010

“Since the class, I have personally spent more time with my wife and kids and speaking with them (not talking at them) with a calmer tone and with clarity. Professionally, my time has been spent in support of my wife and the spouses of some close friends, also prior military, in their business making cupcakes and specialty cakes. While up starting Unashamed Outfitters, a business based around designing and printing t-shirts and sport jerseys all while remaining faithful to God. The class helped me to move past the “service life” and not only helped give me the push needed to do things the “civilian way” (lol), but to get back to following God the way He wants. Thanks.”

FOCUS Class: June, 2013
Murrieta, CA
USMC 2002-2006

“FOCUS is responsible for the 180 degrees turn around in my life.  Since leaving the class I have found the strength to apply for programs like The Mission Continues, EBV, Team Semper Fi, and even return to seek higher education.  I have been accepted into all three programs, and now a fire burns inside of me that cannot be extinguished by the frost of fear.  Nick Popaditch (Gunny Pop) brought me to tears as he encouraged me to look inside and revive my esprit de corps. Gunny Pop’s words echo in my mind, “A Marine is a Marine when times are bad. At 4 a.m in the morning and the weather is bad, that’s when HOORAH and Semper Fidelis matter.”  The velocity of growth in my life has gone up from zero to sixty, and it is increasing as the days pass.”

alfonzoName: Alfonso
FOCUS Class: June, 2011
Farmington, NM
USMC 2001-2007