All too often the perception is that the veteran is the only casualty of combat.  This is not true.  In many situations family members, friends, and loved ones suffer the devastating effects of war because their loved-ones deploy for duty in a combat zone and months later returned home a different person dealing with deployment related issues.  Therefore, friends and families of these veterans deal with the same issues only from a different perspective – on the outside looking in.

It is difficult for the families of returning veterans to comprehend and deal with the change.  Certainly, the anger, fear, vigilance, guilt, anxiety, etc. results in withdrawal and strained relationships.  Focus Marines Foundation works diligently with our participants to help them return to that person that they once were. However, we realize that the families and loved ones of our FOCUS participants still need support and assistance.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to work with the NMCRS visiting nurse program which is chartered to help the families of Navy and Marine Corps warriors in addition to the individual veterans.  The Combat Casualty Visiting Nurses (CCVN) make house calls to the families of our veterans and have numerous resources at their disposal to assist the families in many different ways.  They will also help with counseling and education on the best practices for help a loved one suffering from the devastating effects of PTSD or TBI.

Links to support resources for family members of veterans include the following: