FOCUS Marines Foundation works closely with a wide range of local and national organizations. These collaborative relationships ensure veterans receive the support and encouragement they need before, during and after attending a FOCUS Course.


Renewal Coalition focuses on the family sharing time together without the worries of expenses. Lodging, meals, entertainment, ground travel and even the small amenities are the responsibility of Renewal Coalition and NOT the service members and their families.


Wounded Warrior Homes is a grassroots charitable non-profit chartered to provide transitional housing to single post-9/11 combat veterans with  Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).


Members of the Marine Corps League join in camaraderie and fellowship for the sake of preserving traditions, promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps, and banding together those who are now serving with those who have been honorably discharged from service.

JOBTIMIZE guides Veterans and their families through planning and discovery of their highest-compatibility career and educational opportunities. Our intelligent job-matching technology can open new doors as users learn which careers fit best with their personality, skills, interests and previous work experience. Jobseekers will then search our job listings with the reassurance that they are on the right path. And, it’s free to use!


The St. Louis Blues Warriors are a hockey organization in the Greater St. Louis area, under USA Hockey’s Warrior program. This program provides an opportunity for disabled veterans to play the sport of hockey, regardless if they’ve played their entire life, or never put a skate on the ice. Our goals include expanding the support of both hockey and veteran awareness issues in the St. Louis area. St. Louis Blues Warrior Hockey will provide an opportunity for disabled veterans to come together to support each other, enjoy camaraderie and compete against other Warrior league and charity teams.

3/11 Foundation

The mission of the 3/11 Foundation is to aid wounded Marines; to continue to support the Marine Wounded Warrior Detachment at the San Antonio Military Medical Center; and to seek additional opportunities to help wounded Marines of every generation. Marine Wounded Warriors are defined as combat and non-combat wounded, ill, and injured Marines; sailors attached to Marine units; and their family members.

The 3/11 Foundation adheres to the criteria stated in the USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment’s Mission Statement to determine the projects to support.