Completing the one week FOCUS program is not the end but the beginning of a process of learning and applying the tools learned at FOCUS. The continuing support provided after leaving FOCUS is an important part of the program.

Our most recent expansion is the FOCUS Graduate Program. Upon completion of a FOCUS Course, graduates have the opportunity to enroll and receive structured, long-term mentoring focused on, but not limited to, the issue they identify as their biggest challenge. Topics include relationships, employment, education, health/wellness issues, and financial stability. FMF pulls in resources and collaborates with other veteran-support organizations from across the country to assist graduates in setting goals and taking the steps to make them a reality.

Participants truly become part of the FOCUS Family. They will always be able to find someone on the other end of the phone to provide continued support.

Key Components include:

  • Graduate Track System
  • Buddy Check 22
  • Caregiver Support and Follow-up
  • Resources / Subject Matter Experts
  • Collaborative Organizations