If you feel the FOCUS Program would help you take that next step, please use the link to fill out a Program Application. You will receive information on the entire application process from our Program Director and the link to the second half of the application.

Once you’ve completed the online application process, you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator and one of our Graduate Mentors who will give you more details about the program.

The FOCUS program was founded for veterans who are having significant difficulties transitioning from military to civilian lives. Many of our wounded warriors are grappling with invisible wounds such as Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Survivor’s Guilt (SG) that often accompany this transition.

One of the main goals of FMF is to help Marines help themselves. It isn’t enough to give them a handout. We provide them with the tools to start making their own decisions again, allowing them to overcome the mental and emotional challenges that confront them. And to accomplish that, we emphasize the concepts of teamwork and being a part of something bigger than oneself.

As a result, each class in the FOCUS program is kept small so that each of our wounded warriors receive the right tools for their situation through personalized interaction. Classes are limited to 30 participants and fill up fast. We highly encourage those who need help to apply early before space runs out.

By arriving at this site, you’ve already taken the first step toward improving your life. Now it’s time to make sure you’re ready to keep moving forward.

Those eligible for the 7-day FOCUS Course must meet the following requirements:

  • Served post-9/11 in a combat or noncombat role
  • Provide a valid DD214
  • Honorably Discharged (OTH may be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Willingness to Participate during the FOCUS Session.

Marines and Corpsmen are given priority when considering applications, followed by veterans of other branches of service as space allows. Refer to the FOCUS Course Dates to find out when the next session is available.

With only four FOCUS classes each year, space is limited so we encourage you to apply early.

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