A list of FOCUS volunteer categories with descriptions and responsibilities are listed below. We hope you will find this helpful. If you would like to help, please complete the FMF volunteer form by clicking on the “Volunteer Form” button in the right column, and provide the information requested so we have a better idea of who you are and how you would like to help.

Team Leaders

A Team Leader will work with a maximum of  three FOCUS participants.  Our TLs help our veterans with the course material during the FOCUS course, serve as on-going mentors to our young men and women, help direct resources when our FOCUS Marines return home, and generally position themselves as life coaches going forward. The basic qualification for a FOCUS Team Leader is to have served in the U.S. Marine Corps, or U.S. Navy as a Corpsman, and have an Honorable discharge.

Veteran Services

This is an area where people all over this great Nation can volunteer to help our combat veterans.  Many times when they return home, these young men and women still have issues with housing, finances, employment, education/vo-tech, legal issues, transportation, vehicle repair, etc., etc.  With the vast array of skills and talents that our American citizens have to offer, we can all reach out to help our warriors who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and security.  If you reside in, or outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area, but have skills and/or resources that may help these young men and women re-acclimate to civilian life, please so  indicate on your completed FMF Volunteer Form.

Fund Raising

Fund raising is a continuous process. We always need people skilled at fund raising activities, and capable of soliciting contributions from individuals, businesses, and other charitable foundations.  Also, if you are a member of an organization or business that donates funds or materials to charitable organizations, we would like to know more about your organization’s programs and processes.


Coordinate and provide transportation for injured FOCUS participants, special guests, and speakers from the St. Louis airport to the FOCUS facility and return. Our participants begin arriving on a Saturday and leave the premises at 0700 on the following Saturday.  During the week – especially on Sunday – we need help to transport injured veterans to various venues around the facility.

Facility Set Up & Take Down

Setup: Help with setup and support  of FOCUS events the week proceeding each session. This involves setting up tables, stocking supplies, moving FOCUS materials, clearing trails, and cutting wood.

Take Down: Everything that gets setup the week before FOCUS must be taken down the week after FOCUS.


FMF is always in search of people with compelling and inspirational stories who have overcome great odds to become successful and happy in pursuing their dreams.

Food Service

We setup and serve 1,200+ meals during the seven days of a FOCUS session. We are fortunate to have many of our local businesses and restaurants provide most of the meals for each FOCUS session.   However setting up the food service, serving the meals, getting food to our site,  and cleaning up are a major tasks at each program that require coverage from 0600 to 1800 each and every day.


We have many administrative tasks that we must accomplish to successfully deliver a program like FOCUS.

Special Skills

If you would like to volunteer to help FMF with our veteran support program, and you have special skills or talents, please so indicate on your volunteer form. We periodically need help with construction, outdoor adventure activities, maintenance, computer setup and support, etc.