In their Nov/Dec 2015 issue, Streetscape Magazine author Robin Seaton Jefferson sat down with FOCUS vice president of development, Ted Kretschmar, to learn more about how FOCUS Marines foundations serves veterans.  After discussing a bit of the history of the organization, they begin discussing the struggles that veterans face after returning to civilian life.  As quoted in the article:

Inflicted with traumatic brain injury (TBI), post traumatic stress (PTS), or even military sexual trauma (MST), male and female candidates for FOCUS are isolated, adrift, usually unemployed and sometimes homeless.

“Physical injuries of war are often obvious, but it’s the invisible wounds that many times ruin lives,” said Ted.

The article also features the experiences of FOCUS Marines graduates, and how the program has changed their lives:

Marine veteran Corporal Enoch Pashby explained, “Psychology is illusive. You can take two people and put them in the same situation, and one comes out of and the other doesn’t… This place completely changed my life.  I’m absolutely sure if I didn’t come here, I’d be dead or in prison.”

Read the full article at Streetscape Magazine, or download a pdf copy here.

If you, or a veteran you know, is suffering after returning to civilian life, read more about our program here.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.