The FOCUS Program material is delivered in a way that entertains and educates with the use of graphics, analogies, stories and a great deal of attendee participation.The FOCUS course outline is built upon a foundation of five key components:

Class Size

A large classroom setting is obviously necessary for processing large numbers of military personnel in a short period of time but is not the best learning environment, especially for those with PTSD or TBI. The class maximum size at FOCUS is 36. FOCUS organizes our participants into groups of three and each group is led by a Team Leader. The Team Leaders are Marines honorably discharged from the Corps who have been successful in the civilian world. They enthusiastically volunteer their time and talents in working closely with each Marine by providing guidance, support and understanding of the materials presented.

Personal Understanding

Each Marine is guided in understanding who he or she is and who he or she wants to become. FMF has partnered with an internationally renowned facilitator who has been enormously successful in leadership and character development. Participants explore beliefs and concepts around commitment, loyalty, communications, honesty, success and other key issues. Participants are taught how to deal with their emotions, such as anger and fear, and how to better build and maintain strong interpersonal relationships. The process is invaluable and, in many cases, lives begin anew.

Skills & Interests Evaluation

We evaluate the particular skills, aptitude and interests of each participant as determined by a nationally recognized company based upon a personal survey of each participant. Each participant receives a 22 page report which includes recommended career opportunities. Participants learn to research entire industries as well as individual companies within an industry. Participants are coached in interviewing skills in preparation for two practice interviews with professional HR personnel from local companies.

Facilities & Remote Setting

The environment is remote, relaxing, inspiring and free of distractions. Even though we dig deep and work hard, there are also recreational events like a fishing derby, outdoor competitions, karaoke contest and conversations around the fire pit in the evenings. Each participant who leaves FOCUS should feel positive about the experience and have great memories that will last a lifetime.

Ongoing Mentoring

This last component is critical: a continuing mentoring process by Team Leaders after the participants leave FOCUS. FMF has built an ever expanding network of support throughout the country that can be tailored to the specific needs of each participant. Often Team Leaders develop life –long relationships with their respective participants and help guide their veterans as life coaches going forward.