Dan-DorrInternational Speaker, Coach, Corporate Facilitator

Dan Dorr and Associates

Dan Dorr is a gifted and effective speaker and workshop leader. Since 1974, he has facilitated well over 70,000 people in ten countries. His power comes from the fact that he speaks from experience. He studied with top leaders in the fields of personal growth and leadership before dedicating himself to the same path. He owned a leadership development and training consultancy that operated in the US and Canada, Southeast Asia, Europe and Mexico. He has worked with major regional banks, government agencies, large construction companies, network marketing leaders, and led a joint venture company with Coopers & Lybrand.

Dan combines an engaging presentation style with a deep understanding of what motivates people to action. The key to his effectiveness as a speaker is the interactive nature of his customized presentations. Dan creates enduring leadership results, challenging people to see themselves, their business, and life itself in new ways.

Dan’s experience spans multiple levels of training delivery. He was contracted to deliver leadership and team development seminars for Klemmer & Associates Leadership Seminars, and PSI World Seminars in public and private venues for tens of thousands of participants. As an outside contractor, he managed Klemmer & Associates Personal Mastery Seminar Department , led their Corporate Leadership Program, and was responsible for program delivery and trainer development. In addition to being certified at a Basic and Advanced levels of Leadership course delivery for both Klemmer & Associates and PSI World Seminars, Dan is a certified course leader in George Leonard’s Samurai Game and Harvard’s Robert Kegan’s Immunity To Change course.

Dan is also proud to have developed the curriculum for the Focus Training Program delivered through the FOCUS Marines Foundation that in association with the United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment serves returning Marine veterans. This program powerfully supports our veterans as they make the often-challenging transition back into civilian life. He looks forward to expand this work to include other branches of the military. The message is consistent with his corporate and public workshop seminars… Success is not an accident but rather a deliberate journey.

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