“FOCUS is responsible for the 180 degrees turn around in my life. Since leaving the class I have found the strength to apply for programs like The Mission Continues, EBV, Team Semper Fi, and even return to seek higher education. I have been accepted into all three programs, and now a fire burns inside of me that cannot be extinguished by the frost of fear. Nick Popaditch (Gunny Pop) brought me to tears as he encouraged me to look inside and revive my esprit de corps. Gunny Pop’s words echo in my mind, “A Marine is a Marine when times are bad. At 4 a.m in the morning and the weather is bad, that’s when HOORAH and Semper Fidelis matter.” The velocity of growth in my life has gone up from zero to sixty, and it is increasing as the days pass.”

FOCUS Class: June, 2013
Murrieta, CA
USMC 2002-2006