Focus Marines Foundation received an invitation from the new Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Joseph Dunford, to attend the New Year’s Day Reception and Serenade Party at his home in Washington D.C. The historic residence of the Marine Corps commandant on Capitol Hill’s Barracks Row is hallowed ground for the nation’s Marines. FMF board members John Brauer and Tom Ilges flew to D.C. and attended the party on New Year’s Day. Many General staff officers and military supporters from all fields of endeavor were in attendance.

The invitation was the direct result of Colonel Shane Tomko’s, CO WWR, belief in our mission. He wanted the Marine Corps top command to become more personally acquainted with our FOCUS program. There was a lot of interest and respect expressed about our mission. John and Tom were well received, and took pride in representing FOCUS and its success.

When they spoke with Gen. Dunford, they quickly realized he was very aware, interested, and supportive of our mission. Many of the other attendees had also heard about FOCUS. In addition to the Generals, John and Tom also made contact with a number of civilians who we believe will strengthen our effectiveness at helping warriors transition to a meaningful and productive civilian life.

To conclude, the Commandant spoke to the assemblage and wished all a Happy New Year and thanked the people who continue to support our Marines making transitions from the military.