FOCUS Marine Challenges the “Mighty Mississippi”

‘Paddle Off The War’ is an epic adventure which will see FOCUS Marine Joshua Ploetz come face to face with the Great Mississippi River over a 64 day, single man canoe journey down the 2,350 miles of North America‟s mightiest river.

Josh is a FOCUS Marine alumni from our March 2012 session who hails from Winona, Minnesota. He is a veteran of the War on Terror, having served two tours in Afghanistan. Like so many of our young warriors, he suffers the effects of the invisible wounds of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and fights the every-day battle to return to a life of normalcy in our society. Josh is committed to conquer this hidden personal war which rages within him, and many of our veterans returning from conflicts around the world.

This colossus challenge will not only test his courage and his warrior spirit to conquer the extreme conditions of the largest river in North America, but will also examine his sheer determination and strength as a warrior.

Joshua‟s primary objective is to promote PSTD awareness and the mission of the Baton which is a symbol of national conscience, crafted with care and respect from the handle of a stretcher – symbolizing pride, hope, courage and suffering. He will carry the Baton in his canoe from Lake Itasca to Venice, LA. In addition, he will be raising money to help support those who have lost a veteran due to PTSD and Combat Stress.

Focus Marines Foundation will greet Josh at the St. Louis riverfront on July 4th , 2014. We invite our local supporters to come down to encourage and support Josh with us. All funds raised will go to support fellow U.S. wounded warriors who suffer the invisible wounds of PTSD.

For more information on Joshua‟s journey, the planned route with updated itinerary, and information on how to support Joshua‟s cause, please visit the following site ….