Jason Blakemore

Speaker, VA Resources Jason has worked for the Department of Veteran Affairs since 2012.  Prior to his current VSOC position he worked for seven years as a Veteran Service Officer for the VFW.  Jason served in the United States Army as a Forward Observer with the 101st Airborne and was wounded in Iraq in 2003.  […]


Nick Popaditch

Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret) Motivational Speaker Gunny Nick Popaditch was made famous in an AP photo on April 9, 2003 as “The Cigar Smoking Marine” while he sat in the turret of his tank in front of the Sadam Hussein statue as it was about to be pulled down by the people of Iraq with […]


Nathan Laupp

Speaker, Financial Planner Nathan joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old, and entered boot camp in September of 2001. A combat veteran, he served two tours of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon his exit from the Marine Corps, Nathan utilized the GI Bill becoming the first in his family to go to college […]


Sgt. Charles J. Stockhausen

    My War Memories Charles Julius Stockhausen Saint Louis Missouri September 2007   5th   MARINE DIVISION   It was sixty four years ago – September 27th , 1943. I had just been sworn into the United States Marine Corps . We were located inside the Federal Building , downtown St. Louis, Missouri . There […]


Dan Dorr

International Speaker, Coach, Corporate Facilitator Dan Dorr and Associates Dan Dorr is a gifted and effective speaker and workshop leader. Since 1974, he has facilitated well over 70,000 people in ten countries. His power comes from the fact that he speaks from experience. He studied with top leaders in the fields of personal growth and […]



Motivational Speaker, Author No FOCUS session is complete without the inspirational and motivational talk by John O’Leary on the first full day of the program. John delivers his message of “Rising Above” based upon his own tragic life experiences. When John was just 9 years-old, he was burned over 98% of his body with 3rd […]



Motivational Speaker, Author FOCUS is blessed to have inspirational speakers for each session to show, by example, what it means to overcome adversity. Lt. Col Justin Constantine, USMC, is our most recent speaker which embodies this message. On a routine combat patrol in Iraq, Justin was shot in the head by an enemy sniper, causing […]