Sunrise of Hope

FOCUS On “22”

Any of our veterans today know the significance of “22”. However, many outside of our veterans community may not. “22” is a very sad and heart rendering statistic.  It represents the number of combat veterans each and every day that fail to cope with the invisible wounds of war and succumb by taking their own lives. […]


Sgt. Charles J. Stockhausen

    My War Memories Charles Julius Stockhausen Saint Louis Missouri September 2007   5th   MARINE DIVISION   It was sixty four years ago – September 27th , 1943. I had just been sworn into the United States Marine Corps . We were located inside the Federal Building , downtown St. Louis, Missouri . There […]

FMF – Big Bang for Your $$$$$$

The Board of Directors of FMF takes very seriously its duty to be good stewards of the funds that the organization receives from our loyal supporters.  With only a few exceptions, all of FMF’s board members, officers, team leaders, kitchen staff and other support personnel are unpaid volunteers who contributed over 15,000 man hours in 2014 […]


Coping With Current Events

by Sarah Heynen, DCoE Public Affairs   On November 13th,  2015, tragedy struck Paris when it was attacked by terrorists. A disrupted city, dear to so many, created a ripple of despair worldwide. It seemed that the world was in mourning. At the same time, controversy grew, particularly on social media. Was it fair to […]


Amazon Smile

As an organization, we rely on the generosity of our donors and grants we receive to serve our wounded warriors. We continually look for other funding opportunities, especially as word spreads about our program. Recently, FMF enrolled in the Amazon Smile program. Amazon Smile was created by Amazon as a way for those who shop […]