Resentment, Resistance, and Revenge – the 3 R’s – are a self-limiting, and self-destructive thought process that has the potential to destroy one’s life. The 3 R’s exist in all of us naturally, and unless we make the concious effort to control this destructive downward spiraling cycle, it will destroy who we are and who we could become.

This lesson is so important that it’s addressed on day-one of each FOCUS session. Almost all of our participants come to the sessions with varying degrees of the 3 R’s. Dan Dorr and his associates make a concerted effort to train FOCUS Marines on this destructive process, and provide insight on how to reverse the mind set and take responsibility for one’s choices in life. In addition, John O’Leary reiterates the healing process from his perspective dealing with his life challenges. How does one get past the 3 R’s?

  • Acknowledge it.
  • Own it. Take responsibility and stop the blame game.
  • Feel it fully. Observe what it does to you emotionally and physically.
  • Forgive. Perpetual dwelling on being wronged is destructive.
  • Communicate. Talk to your counselor or your FOCUS support team about your issues and how to let go.
  • Let it go. In the end, you must let go and move on.

If one dwells on the 3 R’s, they quickly manifest each of life’s challenges – large or small – into a crisis which perpetually creates resentment and anger. This will destroy friendships, relationships, your work environment, and happiness in life.

If you are a FOCUS graduate and find yourself stuck in the 3 R process, break out your FOCUS workbook and review Section 8. Talk to your FOCUS team leader and make the concerted effort to get past this destructive behavior.