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Post Surgery Update – I Made it!

  • June 24, 2016

Posted by Mark Justin Seifert on August 11, 2012 at 4:02pm

FOCUS Marines,

This will have to be brief, as I am exhausted and still very-much recovering.

I got through the operation very well.  My wife was told by the surgeon that my operation was “text book”.  They said that I should end up with a residual limb (stump) that will be very fit-a-ble for a prosthetic.  I have a cast (regular fiber-glass+plaster) that functions to immobilize my leg, and keep it fully extended, which is necessary in order to get fit for a prosthetic.

In about 7 days, I’ll go back (to the VA-Ortho clinic) to have my cast opened up and the wound inspected for problems (infections etc).  At that point, I’ll either be given a new cast, or what they call an “I-Pop” cast – a rigid metal lined and velcro secured brace.  Again, the big concern is keeping the limb straight to avoid what’s called a “contracture”  —  super-cramp that contracts the knee-joint and prevents the limb from extending straight.

I’m really doing my best to be careful around the house.  My wife, Sarah, has been an absolute gem in taking care of me.

I was REALLY worried about how my daughter, Sophie (2+ years), would respond to daddy being “sick”.  The supreme high-point of my year so far has been when she was the very first person to have “signed” her name and drawn a heart on my cast!!  I’ll try to upload a picture.  It’s was an amazing relief and joyous parental experience.

I have go for now.  It’s only mid-day. and I am completely exhausted.

Thank you very much, again, to everyone who has been so supportive, caring, and loving to both my family and me!  I will be in and out of sleep/consciousness all day for the next couple days. Please feel free though to call me at anytime at 952 240 4516.  Don’t worry about disturbing me.  I’ll only pick up if I’m up to it.  I’ll try to write more in the next day or two with more details for now and the future.

Semper Fidelis

Mark Seifert

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