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Tuesday 14 August 2012: Hit ‘Reset’ and find your goals!

  • June 24, 2016

Posted by Mark Justin Seifert on August 14, 2012 at 8:40pm


Mark Seifert here.  As usual, I’ll try to keep this short, but we’ll see what I end up with.

Progress notes for today:  I have a couple of things to report.  First, as I previously alluded to, I finally confirmed today that I have an actual appointment to have my cast/leg- immobilization fixture changed out.  This should be the last non-permanent cast/fixture before my first prosthetic leg.  I’m hoping to be issued an “i-pop” cast at my new appointment this Friday, 17 August. For reference sake: An i-pop it’s like a super-long (thigh to below-the-ankle) and stiff brace for your leg, kind of like a soccer shin-guard except longer and backwards.  The advantage is that it’s more “breathable”, and I can remove it to wash under it from time to time.  The disadvantage is that my wife Sarah will be constantly saying “…don’t you DARE take that cast off, Mister!”…every time she hears any sort of velcro crackling.

Next point of progress to report:  Tomorrow, Dr’s orders or not, I’m going pull my weight sets and bench upstairs to my bedroom.  I’ve had had enough dying of boredom, weight-gain, and loafing around on my backside. It is definitely time for me to get active and back in the game again.  I might have to balance my dumbbells on my head since I’m still on crutches at best, but (Dr’s orders or not) I’m getting back into shape: Starting NOW!

As a side-note on Goals: Yesterday, I had the utmost pleasure of a visit to my home by Neil (another MN-area 6/12 FOCUS brother).  It was great for having him here.  We had such an unfortunately minuscule amount of time together.  However, I believe it to have been all well spent.

At one point during our visit, we discussed a couple of goals that were particularly poignant and meaningful us.  They were (for me) a couple of those things have always been on the “list”, or maybe they were simply missed opportunities.  Additionally, what arose were the particular tangible elements, circumstances, and choices involved in those previous times that enabled failure on that past day.

In our continued introspectively referenced conversation, and if either of us still had those same limitations, Neil and I worked the kinks out how those old limitations cannot prevent us (me) from reaching those (my) goals this time!  Now, understandably, Neil’s goals are different than mine, but he was seriously RIGHT!  Physically, I am now/will soon be an entirely new man.  So…No.  I do not have the same limitations I used to hold to like crutches that have kept me from my own success.  I do, though,  have a renewed drive and desire to succeed and expand my horizons to set an example for others – The next generations of Marines, but especially my children!

Therefore, consider this my personal, formal, and public declaration/commitment to all the Marines and Corpsman and My Family (Sarah, Sophie, #2), that I will train for and finish a triathlon in the Summer/Fall/Winter of 2013.  That is my personal declaration and goal for now.

I’ve been spending some time working on Goals with my wife, friends, and my DISC GySgt Manager.  The hitching point we always get stuck on is “what do we do when Mark is walking, running, and jumping.  I realized after Neil left my home that the a physical challenge like a Triathlon was the perfect natural progression after all that and right goal to set!

Thanks Marines and the MMF for everything.  Most particularly, though, My sincere gratitude to Neil Schalk (USMC) for all of your help working through what amounts to years of disjointed thoughts, worries, and musings with me.  You are a wonderfully patient, dedicated, and absolutely  Perfect example of Humanity and (more importantly) U.S. Marine Leadership.

Semper Fi!

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