Focus Program Highlighted in StreetScape Magazine.

The article also features the experiences of FOCUS Marines graduates, and how the program has changed their lives: Marine veteran Corporal Enoch Pashby explained, “Psychology is illusive. You can take two people and put them in the same situation, and one comes out of and the other doesn’t… This place completely changed my life.  I’m […]

semper-fi magazine

FOCUS Program in SemperFi Magazine

Wendell Webb, the National Senior Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League, shares his perspective on the FOCUS Program in the MCL quarterly magazine, “SemperFi”. Midwest Division This SemperFi article is going to share with you my experiences with Focus Marines Foundation (FMF) in February 2013 in the St. Louis area. FMF is a 501(c)3 […]

Local Foundation Helps Post 9/11 Veterans

By Shiela Frayne Rhoades West NewsMagazine July 29, 2015 “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers,” said the king to his soldiers in Shakespeare’s “Henry V”. The same may be said of the FOCUS Marines Foundation, a St. Louis-based nonprofit organizationwhich has the sole purpose of helping wounded brothers and sisters – Marines […]